Year 2003


In the aftermath of World War II, a local girl in a farm village in Japan met a young American serviceman in the occupying forces. When they fell in love, like thousands of other intrepid women, she gave up family and friends for an unknown life as a "war bride." Here is her unforgettable story, told as only it could be by the man for whom she risked all. Brave with them all of society's barbs of prejudice, and the vindictive ploys of a heartless USAF bureaucracy determined to break them up

A Link to the book’s web page is here also stocks the book. Follow this link.


2003 has turned into a busy year. Foolish of me to think it would not be so. The big news of this year is that I have found a publisher for my manuscript. Tsuchino, A Japanese War Bride. American Book Publishing of Salt Lake City has agreed to publish the manuscript at their expense. I have learned that you can get anything published if you are willing to foot the bill. But very few manuscripts are accepted for publishing at the publishers expense. Many publishers are what is called vanity and have no interest in the quality of the book. They get paid up front since the author assumes all the financial risk of the publishing. ABP is not a vanity publisher and they assume the risk of the publication. When the publisher assumes the risk you can be sure that they are going to do everything they can to get a strong product.

ABP has assigned me an editor, Patrick Raleigh, to work with me to get the manuscript finished and in the proper format. We have completed the first edit and are now doing a detailed chapter by chapter edit. I am looking for a publication date sometime in the second quarter of 2004

In June we went to Ohio to attend the wedding of our niece Miwako. Miwako married a young man from Ohio that she had meet at the World Cup Games in Tokyo. Matthew is stationed with the U.S.. Navy onboard the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. The Kitty Hawk is home ported in Japan. They had their first wedding ceremony at his family home in Ohio and will have the Japanese ceremony this September at the historic Shinto shrine at Dazaifu, which is located just south of Fukuoka on the island of Kyushu. Miwako's mother and father and one uncle came from Japan and accompanied us to Ohio. Tsuchino and I will be traveling to Japan on September 15th and will attend the wedding at Dazaifu. After that we will be going to Australia for an International Marriage meeting.

The Trip to Australia and Japan was a blast. We went to Japan on the 15th Of September and attended Miwako’s wedding on September 20th. The Wedding was a unique experience. Tsuchino and I had a Shinto wedding when I returned to Japan in 1958. The difference between our wedding and this one was like night and day. I estimate there was about 200 people at this wedding and Tsuchino and mine there was just the two of us and we had to keep it a secret to prevent problems with the military. Read my book when it is published to see what I mean.

Pictures of Matthew and Miwako’s wedding in Ohio and Japan are here.

The first post of our trip to Australia is posted here.

I had my knee surgery on October 17th and it went fine. The doctor told me that I had a rather large taer in the Meniscus. It was folded over and it made the meniscus thicker in that area. She referred to it as my Origami tear.

A copy of my Christmas letter for 2003 is available here.


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