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In the aftermath of World War II, a local girl in a farm village in Japan met a young American serviceman in the occupying forces. When they fell in love, like thousands of other intrepid women, she gave up family and friends for an unknown life as a "war bride." Here is her unforgettable story, told as only it could be by the man for whom she risked all. Brave with them all of society's barbs of prejudice, and the vindictive ploys of a heartless USAF bureaucracy determined to break them up

A Link to the book’s web page is here also stocks the book. Follow this link.


It has been some time since I updated this site. In fact over a year.

2006 has been a very busy year. Did I expect anything else?

Last year, in November, we sold our home on Hood Canal. We found that we were not using it as much as we were previously. Before Tsuchino had her heart problems we spent the majority of our free time out there. Since she developed health problems we found more of a need to be in Seattle. Also the rural nature of the area made me nervous. Emergency medial care would take much longer to respond.

At the end of last year I negotiated the return of all publishing rights for my book from American Book Publishing. We had several disagreements over marketing of the book and I felt that they were not keeping to their end of the agreement. The cleanest solution was to both go our own ways. Since then I have finished having the book translated into Japanese and plan on publishing it soon. Until I decide on how to republish the English language version copies of the book can be purchased directly from me by sending an email. Use the link on the home page of this site. Cost is $19.95 plus $1.90 shipping.

We did make our trip to Okino Erabu Shima that I talked about on the Year 2005 page. Click here for pictures.

We went on a cruise to Alaska with two couples, who are friends from church. It was a 14 day trip from Seattle to Fairbanks. The cruise portion was from Vancouver to Seward, Alaska. We then went by bus and train to Fairbanks, via Anchorage. Click here for pictures.


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